The Dairy Industry in Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Research and Development and Beyond

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a bustling regional center for healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, and technology. It is home to the Dairy Products Research Center (CDR), which boasts expertise from more than 30 researchers with over 300 years of combined experience in food and dairy products. Major employers in the sector include the Eau Claire Area School District, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and the Chippewa Valley Technical School. Jamf also manages a major customer service center in the Eau Claire center. The city's status as a regional retail center and as the base for the corporate operations and distribution of one of the largest home improvement retail chains in the United States has made it a major player in the dairy industry.

Three full-service hospitals and several smaller medical centers and clinics make Eau Claire a regional medical center for west-central Wisconsin. Manufacturing and technology play an important role in the economy of Eau Claire, which focuses on the city's Gateway, Sky Park, and Chippewa Valley industrial parks. CDR is supported by dairy farmers' revenues and is a world leader in product development, contract research, problem solving for product and process manufacturing, and training services. The Economic Development Division of the City of Eau Claire is dedicated to helping the Eau Claire business community grow. According to a new report, dairy products continue to lead Wisconsin agriculture, generating nearly half of Wisconsin's annual industrial agricultural revenues and accounting for 16.4% of the state's total. The manufacturing industry employs about 10,000 people in Eau Claire and the sector has some of the largest employers in the area.

The overall economic impact of Wisconsin's dairy industry is greater than ever, according to new research conducted by the University of Wisconsin at Madison. One of Eau Claire's most important private employment sectors is retail, which employs more than 10,000 people in the Eau Claire metropolitan area in stores alone and several thousand more in retail management. The dairy industry in Eau Claire is an integral part of the local economy. CDR is spearheading research and development efforts to ensure that this sector continues to thrive. With its commitment to helping businesses grow and its focus on technological development, Eau Claire is well-positioned to remain a major player in this sector for years to come.