Shipping to East Africa via Air Freight or Ocean Freight?

There are always choices to make in life and business. And when it comes to international shipping such as shipping to east Africa, there are many choices which will make you confuses whether to choose this method or that method.

Maybe express shipping to East Africa?

And don’t forget to choose East Africa transport agency to link shippers and transporters. Of all the selection, the important thing is to decide the type of the transport to choose. The air or ocean shipping? If you are a businessman that will be shipping good overseas all the time or individual that moving to a new country, deciding whether to use air freight or ocean freight is an important decision.


There are top 4 factors for considering air freight or ocean freight.

1. Cost

This is the first factor that you should consider before choosing air freight or ocean freight. For many businesses, cost can be very important factor which can influence the decisions to ship via air freight or ocean freight. Usually you want to know which will cost you less between air freight and ocean freight.

Typically, shipping your items by air freight is more expensive than ocean freight. You will pay between 4-5 times more to ship by air freight versus ocean freight. Costs are related to cargo weight, value, destination being shipped, and dimensions with both air freight and ocean freight. Larger and heavier shipments are often cheaper to ship by ocean freight, meanwhile smaller shipments are better to ship by air freight.

You should note that there are destination charge to consider whether shipping by air freight or ocean freight, because there will be custom and destination fees. Actually, the shipment cost of ocean freight is cheaper than the shipment cost of air freight.

2. Speed

It’s not surprising that shipping by air freight is always much faster than by ocean freight. Shipping by air shipments took a few days while shipping by ocean freight took anytime from few weeks to months arrive. For business shipping, faster is better. However, nowadays ships are getting faster and efficient routes are created, so shipments crossing can be faster than before. There are many ocean freight shipments being delivered less in 2 weeks.

3. Reliability

Air freight is more comfortable and faster than ocean freights, although air freight can get delayed by weather and other circumstances. But don’t worry, there are usually daily air flights between major cities around the world. On the other hand, ocean freight sailing is generally weekly depending upon the trade lane.

If you missing the cut off at air port it means a longer delay for your shipments. And reliability is the thing that we all look in service.

4. Environmental effect

We should not forget about the environmental issues while shipping items. You should know that the carbon-dioxide emission is higher on the air shipping transport in compare with freight shipping. These issues can cause carbon fingerprints.

But with ocean freight that has oil spills and water ecosystem issues, you have to think carefully before choosing air freight or ocean freight.

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