Read This Post If You Need Only One Shoe

One ShoeHave you ever notice that one of your feet is bigger than another? Do you think it’s kind of weird to have this problem? I think it’s not because actually there are so many people out there having the same problem with you.

I would say millions of people and about 10% of the United States population, all have two different-sized feet. Read this post if you want a scientific explanation behind it:

So how to deal with this?which lead to one frustrated issue: mismatched shoes.

Some people try to ignore this frustration and do nothing. They just wear their shoes as usual, despite the fact that one of their shoes does not fit. This is very risky because they are very likely to have foot related problems such as bunions, blisters, plantar fasciitis, these diseases are often caused by wearing too tight shoes.

When you have this, it’s not frustration anymore, it becomes pain and soreness.

A better solution is buying two pairs of the same shoes with different sizes so you will get a perfect match. This can easily solve your problems but it’s no so economical.

The most brilliant solution to this problem is you exchange your shoes, let me explain:

  • First, buy the shoes you like, you can buy one pair or if you don’t want to wait long you can buy two with different size for your feet. So now you have one or two singer shoe that is often prepared to throw away or left at some corner of your closet, don’t worry I do not tell you to do that, now step 2.
  • Google some keyword like “one shoe exchange”, “odd pair shoes”, or “sell singer shoe”, you will see there are a lot of relevant results, pick some of them. Create an account and post the picture of you one shoe that does not fit, now it is for sale.
  • The next step you may look around to find someone like you. If you are lucky enough, you will find some guy also sell the shoe you had bought, so this will become a complete exchange between you and him, you take your shoe and he has his perfect match.

This is a great way to find good shoes though it takes a little of time, you just simply have to apply your odd shoe to multiple communities and you will get some notifications soon, about one week on the average.

There are also sites that sell odd pair of shoes, the products head for customers like:

  1. Amputees
  2. People that have mismatched feet
  3. You lost or damage one of your shoes
  4. Someone like to wear different shoes on feet(due to fashion)

But obviously, you have limited choice.

There are even associations in this market, the National Odd Shoes Exchange, whose jobs are:

  1. Provide free shoes for amputees and people having demand of a single shoe
  2. Connect people and create a community for people who sell and buy odd shoe
  3. Free shipping for shoes exchanges between people
  4. They’re completely non-profit

Ebay is also a very good choice, it’s an auction site, you can buy or sell things with a varying price.

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