What To Look For When Buying The Britax Convertible Car Seat?

Babies grow very fast. You might often feel amazed at the rate of their growth. With in a matter of weeks, that light weight infant you were holding so delicately would have grown to a sweet little quite pie weighing enough to hurt your hands if you hold it for more than a few minutes. Well, this is the same reason why you should change from your Britax infant car seat to a larger and more convenient that is convertible car seat.

If your baby has outgrown the weight or height limit of an infant car seat, it is time that you moved on from the infant to toddler car seat. Though most convertible car seats can be used for infants to face the rear of the vehicle and toddlers to face the front of the car, it is recommended to use an infant car seat for your infant.

Britax Convertible Car Seat

Why Using Convertible Car Seat when Traveling

Most parents find this shifting from infant car seat to a convertible car seat an unnecessary financial burden. But this is necessary to keep your baby safe during the car trips. If the various products available in the market confuse you, you can choose to go with the best britax car seat convertible car seat. These are regarded as one of the best convertible car seats by customers and experts. Easy to install, use and clean, the Britax car seat holds up well over time.

The convertible car seats are obviously a little heavier than the infant car seats. You might find these a little bulky and heavier. But choosing right can save you much trouble in the future. Take some time to go through some of the convertible car seat reviews posted by experts.

How to Buy the Best and Safest Convertible Car Seat

One factor that you should consider when buying a convertible car seat are the weight limits for rear and forwarding positions. You can find these on the labels often appearing on the car seat sides for most models. If your baby is on the heavier side, you might want to consider the ones that offer a higher weight limit.

Britax Car seat features

Look for two separate belt paths where the seat belts of your vehicle can be threaded through the convertible seat. Convertible that provides separate belt paths for the rear facing and forward facing positions can fit more securely and rigidly to your vehicle seat. Convertible car seats also offer parents the additional benefit of keeping the baby in the rear facing position as long as they are within the maximum weight and height limits of the convertible.

It is not mandatory that you place your child in a forward facing position as this is inferior to the rear facing position when it comes to safety. The Britax roundabout 55 convertible car seat will be a good option as it can hold your baby till it reaches 55 pounds of weight.

Go through the instruction manual and make sure that you are able to understand the instructions easily and clearly. A well written and structured manual can easily take you through the various otherwise confusing steps in installing and uninstalling your convertible. You will also need proper guidance as to how to maintain and clean your convertible car seat in order to ensure durability of the equipment.

Why You Should Buy a Convertible Car Seat

Do not choose to buy a convertible which is too big or occupies a huge space in your vehicle unless of course, you are planning to change your vehicle to get one that fits the convertible! The convertible from Britax serves as a good choice here too. Designed to fit even small cars and still leave enough space for other passengers, Britax is the right combination of comfort and looks.

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Another attractive feature in a convertible would be the 360 degree round about protection which is obviously provided by the Britax convertible. The use of Safe Cell technology, Versa-tether and integrated steel bars provides ample stability which of course is the next most important feature you should look for in a convertible.

A good convertible should also provide numerous recline positions. Though no longer an infant, who can not control head and neck movements, your child still need the comfortable laid back position for a good nap. But yes if you are keen on directly going for a convertible rather than an infant car seat in the initial years, you can also look for a good harness system that can hold your infant safe even in a convertible.

Padded seats, heat rest and straps will make your child feel comfortable. Also, try to feel the fabric. The softer and better the quality of material, the lesser are the chances that your child will develop rashes and allergies. Last but not the least, a touch of style can make the convertible go well with your car interiors.

The Britax convertible car seat that comes with almost all of these essential and attractive features is the ideal and safe investment for any parent.